Castle Kingdoms - Adventurer Characters Kit

Grab these 20 Different Low Poly Adventurer Character & Weapon Assets today!

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Ready to embark on a legendary journey through medieval realms? Meet your fellow adventurers from the Castle Adventurer Character Pack, part of the Castle Kingdoms Megapack. From the cunning rogue who lurks in the shadows to the wise wizard with spells that light up the world, this pack has all the heroes you need to craft an unforgettable RPG epic.

Here's what's packed in this treasure chest:

  • 20 Legendary Characters: Dive into classic RPG roles - be it the song-weaving bard, fierce barbarian, nature-loving druid, or others ready for the call to adventure.
  • 18 Heroic Weapons & Props: From a rogue's dagger to a wizard's staff, equip your characters for the challenges ahead.
  • 8 Detailed Character Meshes: Carefully sculpted to bring every adventurer's unique personality to life.
  • 10 Weapon & Prop Meshes: Diverse arsenal for diverse challenges.
  • Flat-Colored Characters: A canvas awaiting your personal touch and style.
  • 6 Vibrant Textures: To add depth and detail to every character.
  • 2 Versatile Materials: Tailored for that authentic medieval feel.
  • 39 Detailed FBX Files: Flexibility in design is our motto.
  • 39 Unity Prefabs: Seamlessly packed for BiRP, URP, and HDRP in Unity. Plug and quest!
  • .Blend File: For the Blender heroes among us.
  • Unreal Project: Epic adventures deserve an Unreal touch too!
  • Universal Asset License: For any game project, in any game engine, with full hobby or commercial usage rights.

Why this pack is the Excalibur in your game design arsenal:

  • Diverse Hero Line-up: A character for every story arc and game twist.
  • Game-Ready: Optimized for a flawless experience in Unity and Unreal.
  • High-Quality Assets: Crafted with passion and precision for immersive gameplay.
  • Perfect Complement: A stellar addition to your medieval universe.

So, fellow story-weaver, are you ready to rally your band of heroes and set forth on a grand adventure? Unleash the your adventurers today and let the legends unfold. Grab your gear, rally your party, and let the quests begin! 🏹🔮🎮

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