Work With Us

At we create and maintain 100s of hours of the best game development video tutorials. We have over 500,000 students on, and a great reputation in the industry. We are small team, based in the UK and Australia.

We are looking for creative people who want to help create the future of online education. We are a relaxed team with a lot of flexibility.


Professional Animator Role

Here’s an interesting opportunity to create animated slides for us. Starting with our new Math For Games project (see Kickstarter here), and with the strong possibility of more work after.

The final output of the videos should be something like Ben’s BODMAS test, or the Math Antics YouTube channel. We’re going for visually enticing material to support our talking-head videos.

We’re looking for an animator who is willing to use their own initiative. You’ll need to write-up and evolve a set of style guidelines. No math experience is required. We’re teaching a beginners course so you can learn along with the students.

We’re looking to pay between US $5 and $20 per video, depending on complexity but can negotiate a fixed rate once we’re talking. We will have at least 100 videos to do in total.

Production Process

You will receive a draft talking head video (example), LaTeX code for the math, C# code, handwritten notes, and possibly a draft Google Slide deck as a starting point without animations or pretty diagrams.

You’ll need to research some examples of the principle applied to computer games and find some supporting screenshots. The main job will be creating a click-to-transition slide deck, which reveals the concepts in the order Ben introduces them.

This slide deck would ideally be delivered in Google Slides, to make it easy for our students to access. Ben will then give feedback and when it’s ready, use it to record the final talking head in a live environment (using a foot pedal to transition the animations). Here is a very short sample of the output when recorded this way.

By applying for this role you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to improving the way math is taught, work with a fun yet hard-working team and even sign your work with a small logo to build your profile to our 530,000+ students.

If you’re interested then please email with your animated deck for the raw sample video above, and we’ll be in touch.