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We are looking for creative people who want to help create the future of online education. We are a relaxed team with a lot of flexibility.

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Digital Marketeer Challenge

At we create and maintain 100s of hours of the best game development video tutorials. We have over 500,000 students on, and a great reputation in the industry. We are small team, based in the UK and Australia.

Udemy are world-class at marketing our beginner content, and we want to continue to host our courses there. However Udemy makes it hard to let our students know about new content. It is also very hard to afford to create intermediate content as it’s more niche, takes longer to make, and hence requires a higher price point.

We are looking for a talented web marketeer to take the reins on the opportunity to leverage 100s of hours of quality content. We want to capture leads on our own channels, add customers to our own CRM, pass the sales back to Udemy, and have a process helping students to continue their learning journey with us. We also want to try a long-tail marketing strategy for our technical terms, with re-marketing.

We are based in Cambridge UK (for the most part). So it would be helpful if you are in a timezone that allows us to overlap for a few hours a day. Being able to communicate well in English is also important.

Are you a web marketeer with the skills we need? The first step is to fill-out this form, which may lead to an online meeting with our CEO Ben.