How To Pass Your First Math Checkpoint

Where to get instant help via Discord Recognise an integer overflow Add and subtract integers (inc -ve) Draw and label the 4 sign quadrants. Multiply -ve and +ve integers Divide +ve and -ve integers Expand BODMAS or PEMDAS acronyms Evaluate A Maths Statement Containing Brackets Raise one number to the power of another Access a scientific calculator Use a computer to square a decimal number Take square roots and cube roots of whole numbers. Interpret a simple line chart Approximate the area under a curve with rectangles Calculate the gradient of a straight line Interpret the meaning of the gradient of a graph Use the Speed, Distance, Time magic triangle Estimate the gradient at a point on a curve Correctly identify the definition of the natural number e Recognise situations in which a base 2 logarithm Perform base 2 logarithms on a scientific calculator Calculate a factorial manually & on a calculator Use a factorial for simple permutation calculations Apply all basic math skills to a new situation Celebrate how much you've learned this section.