2019-09-10 Live Call 5

Announcing comments below videos on our platform! About the new production process. Know where we're at with production. Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Wikipedia

Chat Transcript

21:49:54 From Daniel(Danbjo) : im early. just wanted to see if audio Works while in cubase
21:49:58 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i can hear you
21:50:07 From Daniel(Danbjo) : blanket
21:56:14 From Ben Tristem : Things I’d like to announce in this call...
21:56:20 From Ben Tristem : 1. Comments below videos
21:56:44 From Ben Tristem : 2. The production process I’m testing
21:57:48 From Ben Tristem : 3. Any questions you guys & girls have
21:58:39 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i gave you some feedback on the comment section under the video on the forum Ben
21:58:52 From Ben Tristem : Awesome, which video?
21:59:11 From Daniel(Danbjo) : where you @ me. i think it was Call 2
22:00:18 From Ben Tristem : got it and replied, thanks
22:00:59 From Juan Aranda : Still @ work:D
22:01:20 From Daniel(Danbjo) : im not brave enough for the mic. you are one scary brit :P
22:02:57 From Daniel(Danbjo) : im jk 
22:04:49 From David Bates : I don't have voice/video at this point :(
22:05:26 From Daniel(Danbjo) : you have to Connect audio when you join David
22:05:31 From David Bates : I like these, they remind me kinda of the Khan stuff I watched for maths
22:06:05 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i would like a more readable font but the drawings are good so no need to make them better
22:07:36 From Daniel(Danbjo) : also need to think about those who are dyslexic (im not) but it good to think about that beforehand instaed of having to redo alot later on
22:07:42 From David Bates : I mean the writing is better than some I've seen, I don't see it as hard to read
22:08:55 From Daniel(Danbjo) : can you mute Juan? there are some background noises there
22:09:33 From David Bates : Oh sorry.. :) I'm from Iowa (Cedar Rapids), I'm hoping to learn some more algorythims.. or things that I hadn't learned already through my several years of regular dev
22:09:49 From Daniel(Danbjo) : that was alot better audio
22:10:26 From David Bates : Whom else is in CR here?
22:10:44 From David Bates : that's us.. 
22:10:48 From David Bates : err me
22:11:11 From David Bates : We have our court house on an island.. :)
22:11:34 From Jordan : I am from Williamsburg VA and am currently developing a 4 player multiplayer cover shooter.
22:13:59 From David Bates : So juan lives right next to where I work! :D
22:14:55 From David Bates : I am :D
22:15:01 From David Bates : I have watched a few of them
22:15:39 From David Bates : I'd like to eventually get a game out on google play.. but I have a hard time with ideas :D
22:16:23 From Daniel(Danbjo) : its good times for me since i am just 1 hour Ahead of you so its 11 for me

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