2019-09-05 Live Call 4

Meet Gary, Petros & Jaranda See an "Integer Overflow" in action Feedback on the course image progress Mean, median and mode in probability distributions Why you should have 1 repeating digit in a 4-digit PIN. Be excited for the upcoming content.

Chat Transcript

09:58:46 From Daniel(Danbjo) : hello Ben 
09:59:12 From Daniel(Danbjo) : Yeah my phone got a notification
10:00:18 From Daniel(Danbjo) : good morning
10:00:36 From Daniel(Danbjo) : got access
10:01:04 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i forgot about the Call that day 
10:02:17 From Daniel(Danbjo) : did unity have anything to say after backing the course?
10:02:34 From Daniel(Danbjo) : Norway :D
10:04:27 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i dont have a mic Connected so its not me
10:05:20 From Ben Tristem : https://github.com/maths-for-games/Math-In-Unity
10:06:33 From Ben Tristem : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bentristem/math-for-games
10:07:11 From Ben Tristem : https://courses.gamedev.tv/courses/math-for-games/lectures/11593920
10:09:42 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i "dont" understand Math is why I want this course xD
10:10:49 From Daniel(Danbjo) : With the squres?
10:11:02 From Daniel(Danbjo) : squares*
10:11:51 From Daniel(Danbjo) : yes i understand that :) even and uneven numbers
10:15:49 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i understand Math up to the point of bodmas btw. priafter that it gets harder
10:16:55 From Petros Pitidis : are we going to go over bit arithmetic? it's a nice topic for beginners.
10:22:55 From Daniel(Danbjo) : can petros mute his mic
10:23:32 From Petros Pitidis : sorry for that
10:23:39 From Daniel(Danbjo) : no problem :)
10:29:33 From Daniel(Danbjo) : thats why you always pretend to push buttons not in the Your pin
10:29:41 From Petros Pitidis : 10
10:29:46 From Petros Pitidis : multi by 9
10:29:49 From Petros Pitidis : by 8
10:29:51 From Petros Pitidis : etc
10:30:02 From Petros Pitidis : to be fair
10:30:18 From Petros Pitidis : I got a master degree so no bragging for me
10:30:36 From Ben Tristem To Petros Pitidis(privately) : 3.6 million ways of arranging 10 books
10:31:09 From Petros Pitidis : one more
10:31:12 From Petros Pitidis : if possible
10:31:18 From Petros Pitidis : let's see. I will type this since my accent and noise will make this hard.I have an academic background and a big draw for me was the pseudo code and its applications since I have spent many years doing theory.
so, two questions :
 1)will the unity applications/applications be a big part of the course? 
2) will it be good as a revisal of the fundamentals?
10:31:36 From Daniel(Danbjo) : a bit more structured of course :P