2019-08-29 Live Call 2

Meet the complex number plane. Understand what multiplying by an imaginary number does! The origin of our written numbers, why 1,2,3? Why aliens would probably use binary too. You'll feel even more charged and ready for the content, and have met Juan who is a terribly nice chap. There Ain't No Such Thing as Plain Text Voyager Golden Record - Wikipedia

Chat Transcript

10:13:31 From Daniel(Danbjo) : Good morning, i'll listen inn today aswell :)
10:18:33 From Daniel(Danbjo) : how is the unity game kit compared to unreal blueprint?
10:20:26 From Daniel(Danbjo) : for some reason the screen is just white here. could you try to unshare screen and reshare it?
10:20:49 From Daniel(Danbjo) : now i can see it
10:23:45 From Daniel(Danbjo) : this is genius :D i didnt know about the angle thing in numbers
10:25:11 From Daniel(Danbjo) : but how about 11 12 etc. its on 2 angle in 11 and 3 in 12
10:25:49 From Daniel(Danbjo) : but what if aliens have even more digits?
10:28:36 From Daniel(Danbjo) : HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT IN ASCII 

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