2019-08-27 Live Call 1

Where people are from, and how they heard about the Kickstarter. How David has created a successful data science business inspired by one of our courses! About prime numbers and square roots in terms a kid could understand. When to expect content, and that it's on this new platform. Be able to explain a square root, and prime numbers to a kid! We're on Tuesday's and Thursdays at 10pm and 10am UK time respectively. See joining instructions here Join our Discord server, and head to #math

Chat Transcript

22:01:49 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i had around 10 courses before getting Lifetime. so i giftet the courses i already had
22:03:46 From Matan : Yes I can hear you :)
22:05:08 From Ben Tristem : Use this link for our platform: https://courses.gamedev.tv/p/maths-for-games/?product_id=1322147&coupon_code=KICKSTARTER_47_PLUS
22:06:05 From David : Hi there
22:06:31 From David : Been with you since your very first course, launched a sucessfull career from it
22:10:53 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i really looking forward to Learning Math again. tried doing it by myself on khanacademy a few years ago but i didnt know what i needed and didnt need so ended up stopping
22:14:02 From K-B : I am not home at the moment. I won’t be able to chat but I’m here to join in. :D
22:14:13 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i know we didnt hit the stretch goal but will you cover the basics of procgen in this course?
im working on my art atm, Learning to Draw concept art and producing music
22:15:57 From Matan : for me: once every few months I join Ludum Dare to create a small jam game with Unity, and that's currently mostly what I do game-development wise (don't have much time with my day job). Other than that I'm also starting to implement a ray tracer to try to figure out how these things work and understanding the math better would definitely help me with that :)
22:18:34 From Matan : Sorry at work so can't really use voice :(
22:19:14 From David : 12:19am here
22:19:19 From Daniel(Danbjo) : im in norway so for me its 2319
22:19:29 From K-B : it’s 5:19pm here in Florida
22:19:35 From Daniel(Danbjo) : im not dan marshall
22:19:57 From Daniel(Danbjo) : lol xD i thought i heard that but wasnt sure you talked about me
22:20:13 From Matan : I'm really just starting so don't know yet enough about what I don't know :) So far I just wrote a short program that renders a few spheres but trying to work it up from that. I was very disappointed that we did not reach the stretch goal of shaders, but hopefully we'll have another course about shaders at some point :)
22:21:21 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i have
22:21:25 From Ben Tristem : https://courses.gamedev.tv/p/maths-for-games/?product_id=1322147&coupon_code=KICKSTARTER_47_PLUS
22:21:33 From Daniel(Danbjo) : Daniel Bjørkli
22:25:33 From Daniel(Danbjo) : i have Complete Control over updates on my w10 pro
22:26:04 From Daniel(Danbjo) : how often will the videos be pumped out when you start?
22:26:56 From Daniel(Danbjo) : sounds great
22:27:44 From David : thanks, bye
22:27:46 From Daniel(Danbjo) : see you
22:27:47 From Matan : Thank you!