Questions & Getting Support

Our community is here to support you. If you have questions or anything to share, your 3 main options are below. Each of our community support locations is free to join and a good place to connect with other friendly game development students:

The Community Forum

If you scroll down underneath every lecture in this course you'll see an embedded discussion field. Make sure you've selected the Discussion tab and then click "New Topic" to create a new post, or if there are already posts that other people have made, you can click on those. NOTE: This process open up the forum in a new tab.

You can also navigate to the community forum by going to

Unity Course Facebook Group

We have an active and supportive community on Facebook. This is a great place to share your progress and get feedback on your course progress and games you might be making. You can access this group by going here and asking to join. Discord Server

If live chat is more your thing then consider joining our Discord server and finding other like-minded souls to discuss your game development challenges with. You can join here: