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  Sharing And Asking Questions Community page for the Finish It! course

Sharing And Asking Questions

Being part of a community can be a big help in staying on target with your project. We are very proud of how amazing our community is - there are so many wonderful people helping each other to solve problems and keep moving forward.

The main place to share about your project or to ask questions is:

1. The Community Forum -

On our community forum we have set up a specific section for discussing and sharing things related to this 'Finish It!' course. Given that the forum is specifically designed for sharing and discussion, it has better functionality than the Udemy Q&A tool. While you are on the forum, you are more than welcome to visit and participate in any of the other sections that relate to our other courses. 

To join the forum you'll be asked if you'd like to create a login which is an easy process using your social login details. Joining the site is absolutely optional - there is no requirement from this 'Finish It!' course for you to join, its purely a way for you to get more support (and to give others support as well).