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  2021-02-23 Drawing AMA with Rick and Grant

Drawing a blank when it comes to getting started with art? Join Rick and Grant as they talk all things drawing and give a sneak peak at our new course 👀

Always exciting to hear from these industry titans!

In this AMA they:

  • Respond to your drawing dilemmas
  • Answer your graphic tablet and software questions
  • Talk through concept art and how it'll help with your game development
  • Why failure is the best teacher (apart from Rick & Grant of course!)

Interested in learning how to draw in a fun creative way? Want to create stylised game art? Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or somewhere in-between, our new course delivers a fun approach with lots of practical challenges.

We'll have you drawing characters, environments, objects, weapons, spaceships, game scenes and lots more in no time! So if you're just arting about, come join us - it's the smart thing to do: 🙂