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  2020-10-27 Unity Multiplayer with Rick and Nathan

Join Rick Davidson and Nathan Farrer as they talk about creating multiplayers in Unity.

We’re really excited to have Nathan, aka Dapper Dino, onboard as the instructor for this new content. Nathan has been making and modding games for as long as he can remember. As well as building systems, gameplay mechanics, and experimenting with multiplayer networking, he's also part of the Unity Insiders program. If you're interested in more intermediate Unity content then we’d definitely recommend checking out his YouTube channel.

In this AMA they:

  • Answer your Unity Multiplayer questions
  • Talk about Mirror, the 'new' input system and what might be coming in the future.

Want to build a multiplayer Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that you can play online through the Steam API against your friends? The new Unity Multiplayer course shows you how to create online multiplayer games in Unity using Mirror.