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  2020-08-25 Godot AMA with Rick and Tim

Join Rick and Tim Ruswick as they talk about Godot, the new C# course and their bromance (@56mins).

We’re really excited to have Tim, aka Game Dev Underground, onboard as the instructor for this new content. Tim is a full time indie game developer and has created over 30 games (seen by hundreds of thousands of people) in the last 5 years! If you haven’t seen Tim before then we’d definitely recommend checking out his YouTube channel.

In this AMA they:

  • Answer your Godot questions (and a few on Unity Multiplayer too!)
  • Talk about the strengths of the engine
  • Discuss why you'd use C# over GDScript (and why you wouldn't)

The new Discovering Godot C# course shows you the start to finish C# conversion process in a stand alone 2D Missile Defence game. If you're already a Unity user then it's a great opportunity to stretch your C# knowledge in a different engine. And as the course is around 4 hours, you get to create a game in a whole new engine in a short time.

Already own the Discovering Godot GDScript course? You can get Godot C# course for free - please see section 7 of the GDScript course on Udemy for details.